Test results

Results for the First round conducted on August 17th and 18th 2016.

Vishwak Management congratulates all the candidates who have cleared the First round.

Second round of interview date and time will be updated to all the shortlisted candidates via Email / Mobile.


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FRE160024      FRE160035      FRE160231      FRE160245      FRE160247      FRE160267

FRE160288      FRE160336      FRE160356      FRE160363      FRE160427      FRE160438

FRE160452      FRE160460      FRE160471      FRE160500      FRE160529      FRE160553

FRE160560      FRE160562      FRE160566      FRE160593      FRE160600      FRE160605

FRE160610      FRE160682      FRE160782      FRE160790      FRE160801      FRE160827

FRE160889      FRE160897      FRE161051      FRE161070      FRE161209      FRE161337




FRE160150      FRE160162      FRE160226      FRE160287      FRE160321      FRE160400

FRE160446      FRE160454      FRE160470      FRE160488      FRE160599      FRE160784

FRE161157      FRE161176      FRE161282      FRE161285




FRE160042      FRE160203      FRE160227      FRE160278      FRE160282      FRE160461

FRE160603      FRE160771      FRE160854      FRE160909      FRE160954      FRE160962

FRE160968      FRE161071      FRE161162      FRE161170      FRE161175      FRE161266

FRE161304      FRE161305



FRE160113      FRE160563      FRE161290



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