Test results

Results for the First round conducted on February 14th 2018.

Vishwak Management congratulates all the candidates who have cleared the First round.

Second round of interview date and time will be updated to all the shortlisted candidates via Email / Mobile.

Enter your Maths & Overall marks of your academics Here


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FRE180220      FRE180338      FRE180346      FRE180353      FRE180585      FRE180598

FRE180599      FRE180682      FRE180710      FRE180856      FRE181220




FRE180899      FRE181013      FRE181148      FRE181157      FRE181171      FRE181208





FRE180824      FRE181147      FRE181149      FRE181160      FRE181162      FRE181163

FRE181166      FRE181178      FRE181179      FRE181190      FRE181215      FRE181229

FRE181236      FRE181239


Results for the First round conducted on February 8th 2018.


Dot Net:


FRE180040      FRE180049      FRE180095      FRE180100      FRE180112      FRE180126

FRE180129      FRE180132      FRE180142      FRE180148      FRE180158      FRE180163

FRE180171      FRE180241      FRE180263      FRE180269      FRE180270      FRE180529

FRE180546      FRE180578      FRE180604      FRE180640      FRE180707      FRE180730

FRE180847      FRE180878      FRE180923      FRE180964      FRE180987      FRE181026

FRE181034      FRE181043      FRE181087      FRE181102     




FRE180022      FRE180050      FRE180052      FRE180062      FRE180084      FRE180106

FRE180135      FRE180172      FRE180205      FRE180217      FRE180383      FRE180405

FRE180484      FRE180504      FRE180505      FRE180573      FRE180574     FRE180591

FRE180600      FRE180608      FRE180623      FRE180632      FRE180648      FRE180659

FRE180686      FRE180702      FRE180729      FRE180781      FRE180783      FRE180808

FRE180865      FRE180882      FRE180895      FRE180896      FRE180904      FRE180905

FRE180918      FRE180925      FRE180927      FRE180938      FRE180981      FRE180990

FRE181015      FRE181031      FRE181037      FRE181083      FRE181090




FRE180006      FRE180105      FRE180194      FRE180367      FRE180394      FRE180438

FRE180475      FRE180480      FRE180549      FRE180550      FRE180658      FRE180716

FRE180739      FRE180759      FRE180831      FRE180841      FRE180858      FRE180884

FRE180931      FRE180995      FRE181016      FRE181064      FRE181066      FRE181069



FRE180147      FRE180582      FRE180926



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